Meladerm – The Skin Lightener Of Choice!

While it has to be said that there are many skin lightening and hyperpigmentation products on the market it also has to be said that they are not all equal!

So, if you are looking for a proven formula that works then you really should be looking at meladerm the best skin lightening and hyperpigmentation product available.

What is it for?

This highly effective formula will help with hyperpigmentation and lighten your skin evenly. Such things as dark discolourations of your skin, and any sun damage.

Meladerm works for all skin tone so even if you are Asian, Black, White, Caucasian, Indian, Latino, Meladerm will help fight hyperpigmentation and give you a glowing skin under two weeks.

It will help to reduce or remove liver spots or sun spots, old scars and birthmarks and to get rid of uneven skin tones. Order and try it for 30 days and if it doesn’t work as excepted which is highly unlikely, then get your money back!

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Why is it so special?

Although there may be other products available which contain similar ingredients the fact is that the company have carried out extensive research, and this formula was seven years in the making. They have spent a lot of time and money to harness the true power of all active ingredients it contains.

They also take great care during the manufacturing process. Examples of this are; it is known that light and air can easily deteriorate ingredients such as the kolic acid which is used in this formula so great care is taken to prevent any deterioration, and other ingredients need to be carefully stored in vacuum dessicators to ensure their shelf life.

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You will also find that they go to great lengths to micronize and filter all of the active ingredients and extracts contained in the formula to ensure superior efficiency.

Do a little research on manufacturing processes of other creams, and you will struggle to find other companies which take such care and go to such lengths as the makers of meladerm do.

One other reason that this product works far more effectively than other products available is because of the airless dispenser it comes in.

Airless dispenser

While it is common knowledge that airless dispensers have been available to the skin care market for some time now, it is also common knowledge that the high cost of manufacturing them makes them rare in the consumer market. Such pumps use an innovative technology to dispense their contents.

You will find that rather than the traditional ‘pump and straw’ mechanism which pushes air into the container to force the contents outward the concept of an airless dispenser is to use a vacuum and piston action.

This means that when the pump is pressed a piston on the bottom of the container will push the contents upward, and out of the dispenser itself.

Why is this so important?

Because by using this process it will avoid contaminating the cream with air, and for maximum benefits you do not want your cream contaminated in this way.


We have already mentioned that when you are looking at skin lightening creams you will find lots of them, but it will pay you to carry out a little research before selecting one, and when you do such research you will find that the meladerm formula really is the best available due to the company’s commitment to high quality, the research which went into this product, and the effectiveness you will find when using it.

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